Armario de secado tipo HC, HW

The convective drying of solvent- and water-based products in a rack drying cabinet is an all-purpose drying procedure, which is well-established in the chemical and in the pharmaceutical industry. However, if pharmaceutical products have to be dried, our tray dryers fulfil the special requirements, which are common in the pharmaceutical industry.

Two types of tray dryers are available: HW- and HC-Tray Dryer, which differ from each other in terms of design and air control. However the principal function of both tray dryer types is comparable.

Basic Features:

  • Modular design of the tray dryer with integrated ventilator, heater and condensator
  • Steam-heated or electrically heated
  • The internal parts and surfaces in contact with the product are easy to access and easy to clean
  • An even distribution of air flow is fulfilled by a special design of the dryer
  • For drying solvent wet products (optional) the dryer is designed in according to the ATEX-Directive 2014/34/EC. Then the product is dried in a controlled inert gas atmosphere to ensure a safe operation
  • The closed system avoids exposures of dust and vapours while process
  • To ensure an easy handling the trays are stored in a mobile tray trolley
  • Owing to the transport outside the tray dryer our „pick-a-back“-trolley-system provides an almost contamination-free product handling
  • As an option the tray dryers can be equipped with inlet and outlet air filters to provide a retention of dust from the product