Waldner sistema para acoplar

Using the WALDNER docking system pressure vessels can be "docked" directly to an isolator. 

The system was developed due to the rising demand for isolators with attached vessels. It is requested to weigh highly active substances directly into a preparation vessel with the highest possible protection for the operator.

The WALDNER docking system is characterized by the following points:

  • The preparation vessel does not have to be lifted for the docking position
  • There is no plate in the filling hole, that means the complete opening (about 140 mm) is unobstructed available
  • The vessel remains pressure-resistant - despite the docking system can be operated up to a pressure of 6 bar
  • Automatic cleaning of the docking system before the "undocking" is possible
  • Protection against accidental opening under pressure
  • There is no extracting ring required
  • Low construction height
  • Robust design
  • Can be opened without counter piece for maintenance purpose on the vessel