Isolators and containments

WALDNER Process Systems offers you constructions which are made-to-measure for each utilisation. The isolators are planned in detail with the help of a mock-up model on a scale of 1:1. Our isolators can ideally be combined with other WALDNER products, like vacuum dryers, preparation pressure vessels and pressure filters. But also the integration of external products, like centrifuges, mills, spray dryers, etc. is no problem for us.

You can access to our well-proven and reliably operating isolator components for the individual equipment of your isolator:

  • WALDNER continuous liner system: DN240, DN350
  • WALDNER Rapid-Transfer-Port automatic DN400
  • Rapid-Transfer-Port (Alfa-Beta) DN80, 105 ,190 , 270.
  • WALDNER Push-Push filter systems
  • Front glass plates sealed with inflatable seals or with static seals
  • WALDNER glove tester