Vacuum tray dryer VTP

Our vacuum dryer VTP is characterized by its consequent pharma design.
Corners and edges rounded on all sides with broad radiuses characterize this design principle: completely welded construction with shelves which are welded into the back wall. Thus the demanding operator has an incomparably good accessibility and 100% visibility into the interior of the dryer.
Of course, the walls, the bottom and the top wall are double-walled and consequently heatable. The shelves and the interior walls have the same temperature level and do therefore counteract the formation of condensate.

For the drying of APIs and highly efficient products we offer our customers a special version of the VTP in combination with our isolators. Thus, the vacuum dryer can be charged and discharged under consideration of the highest protection for the operator.
The vacuum dryer VTP is characterized by the following attributes and advantages:

  • Usable drying surface of 0,2 up to 17,0 m²
  • Heating and cooling with fluid heat transfer mediums
  • Excellent cleanability for both manual cleaning and CIP-cleaning
  • Evenly temperature distribution on all shelves
  • Excellent usability of the seal of the dryer
  • Special hinges provide a vacuum-sealed door seal

Equipment possibilities:

  • Heatable dryer door
  • Inclined bottom with integrated collecting pipe and discharge nozzle
  • CIP cleaning device for the repeatable cleaning which can be validated of the complete interior.
  • Carrier gas lance for the optimal distribution of the carrier gas via all shelves
  • Wall installation collar for the installation of the dryer into a clean room wall
For scale-up capable test applications, a vacuum dryer with 1,5m² usable surface is at disposal, with which tests can be carried out at our pilot plant stations or directly at our customer.