Vacuum dryers VTW and VTC

The construction line VTW is designed for high demands in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
This vacuum dryer is designed for medium-sized and large shelves and is constructed as completely welded construction. The heated shelves are welded into the side walls of the dryer body.
Of course, the walls, the bottom and the top wall are double-walled and consequently heatable. The shelves and the interior walls have the same temperature level and do therefore counteract the formation of condensate.

The vacuum dryer VTW is characterized by the following attributes and advantages:

  • Usable drying surface of up to 30 m²
  • Heating and cooling with fluid heat transfer mediums
  • Evenly temperature distribution on all shelves
  • Good possibilities of inspection and cleaning of the interior of the dryer
  • Dryer seals optionally as fast and easy to operate lever locks or as practical handwheel locks

Equipment possibilities:

  • Heatable dryer door
  • Inclined bottom with integrated collecting pipe and discharge nozzle
  • Alternatively removable and sealed shelves screwed into the back wall 
  • Carrier gas lance for the optimal distribution of the carrier gas via all shelves
  • Wall installation collar for the installation of the dryer into a dividing wall

The construction line VTC is principally designed for the use in the chemical industry and is a cost-efficient version of the well proven construction line VTW.

The dryer body corresponds to the VTW, however, the heatable shelves are constructed as laser welded pillow-plates, whose surface is plain and even. The shelves are screwed into the back wall of the dryer body and supported on the side. The advantage for the user is that the single heating plates can be removed.