Mobile vacuum contact dryer - system Provatech®

Our mobile vacuum contact dryer – in short MVK – represents a flexible system for the economic and contamination-free drying of APIs and highly active products from pharmacy and fine chemical industry.

Our MVK is filled and discharged under containment conditions and therefore guarantees absolute security to the operator.

The main item is the mobile product container with important characteristics and advantages:

  • Mobile version in different sizes with an operating volume of 15 – 350 litres.
  • Gentle, effective drying and simultaneous homogenisation through a firmly installed helical segment with high-quality, pharma-suitable axial face seal.
  • The drive of the agitator is installed on the drying station and saves weight for a  good manoeuvrability and easy handling.
  • Excellent and user-friendly accessibility through fold-away, via handwheel easy to open top end.

Because of the mobility and flexibility of the contact dryer, the process steps filling, drying, discharging and cleaning are possible at locally independent stations:

  • Filling of the mobile product container on the centrifuge. Product transfer via split valve docking systems.
  • Docking and drying in the closed system on the stationary drying station.
  • Docking at the Pharma lifting column and discharging of the mobile product container into a container from the customer. Product transfer via split valve docking systems.
  • Cleaning of the product container on a CIP-station.

As a stationary dryer we can deliver you the vacuum contact dryer also with a higher operating volume of up to 1.000 litres.
The customized CIP cleaning system allows a CIP-cleaning which can be validated of the product container.

As a compact, mobile and autarkic unit, the MVK is also deliverable for the use in laboratory and pilot plant stations – equipped with agitator drive and control cabinet.

For scale-up capable test applications, a mobile vacuum contact dryer with 16 litres working volume is at disposal, with which tests can be carried out at our pilot plant stations or directly at our customer.